We provide vision treatment for those with conditions such as traumatic brain injury, stroke, whiplash, and concussion. We can help patients "get their life back" when there is an underlying vision problem that is preventing recovery. We often prescribe lenses, tints and prisms that will make the rehabilitation process much easier.

For patients who undergo Visual Rehabilitation, the process is similar to those undergoing VT; however, we often have to start with very basic visual skills and work for a limited duration of time (depending upon the patient's stamina). Throughout the process, we have the ability to modify the exercises we use and to adjust any visual-motor integration demands depending on that patient's mobility and comfort.

Common Visual Symptoms Following Brain Injury
  - Blurriness even with lenses
  - Confusion of words while reading
  - Difficulty being in crowds
  - Dizziness
  - Double vision

Visual Information Processing
  - Difficulty spelling/copying material from board
  - Letter or number reversals
  - Not remembering a word in the next sentence
  - Poor Reading Strategies
  - Slow reading with poor comprehension

​  - Eye Teaming Problems
  - Double Vision
  - Fatigue after reading
  - Headache/fatigue with reading
  - Easily distracted/trouble staying on task

  - Loss of place during reading
  - Poor depth perception / increased clumsiness
  - Poor reading comprehension
  - Print fluctuates in clarity
  - "Pulling" feeling around eyes
  - Dry eyes
  - Fatigue and/or eyestrain
  - Headaches
  - Light sensitivity
  - Loss of peripheral vision (side-vision)
​​Eye Focusing Problems
  - Blurry print
  - Rubbing of the eyes
  - Prefers larger text or picture book

Eye Tracking Problems
  - Losing place while reading
  - Re-reading words
  - Words appear to "swim" on the page

Visual Motor Integration
  - Trouble copying from the board
  - Sloppy hand-writing