1. Go to

2. The first time you place your order; you will need to create a user name and password by clicking on "New? Set up here".

3. Once logged in, enter your shipping and billing address and continue.

4. Enter your contact lens prescription (not your glasses prescription as that is usually different). 
     Use the following information from your current contact lens prescription, packages or boxes for each eye:

  • Name of Contact Lens: Oasys, Daily Total One Multifocal, Biofinity Toric, Biotrue, etc. 
  • Base Curve: 8.3, 8.4, 8.5, 8.6, 8.7, 8.8 or 9.0
  • Diameter: 14.0, 14.2, 14.3, etc.
  • Power: minus or plus, sphere, cylinder and axis ie., +3.00-1.25 x180  and include an add for multifocal, i.e., -3.00/ High.

5. Enter shipping options (it's free for 2 boxes or more or at least a 6 months supply) 

6. Enter billing and payment information and submit.

7. Once we receive your order, we will verify your prescription and you will have your contact lenses in no time! 
     Your lenses will usually be delivered, if in stock in 5-7 business days to your designated address! 

Click on Order Contacts below to start this easy process!
If you're still confused, you can reference this detailed blog post or give us a call and we'll help you!